228+98 sentence examples: 1. There is only one success --- to be able to spend your life in your own way. 2. The rage of a wild boar is able to spoil more than one wood.

be within one's control. Be able to. Hold to adjust. Lists.

Be able to meaning

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We use it to talk about abilities. We often use it in places where it is not possible to use can. For example, it isn’t possible to use can after another modal verb: She won’t be able to concentrate. Not: She won’t can concentrate. He should be able to … Be able to has a similar meaning to can (or could in the past): I'm not able to move my leg.

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‘ To be able to ’ is not a modal auxiliary verb. It is the conjugated verb ‘to be’ + the adverb ‘able’ + the infinitive ‘to’. When talking/writing about ability in the present tense you can use either ‘ can ’ or ‘ be able to ’, but ‘ can ’ is generally more common among native speakers.

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Be able to meaning

When it’s time for your annual checkup, your doctor will probably order some routine blood tests to check basic health indicators like white and red blood cell counts, cholesterol levels and blood glucose level — also known as your blood su

= I can't move my leg. However, can is mainly used to express capabilities or aptitudes acquired with time, while be able to refers to temporary or precise abilities or inabilities: He can't swim, he has never learned how. Se hela listan på englishclub.com antonyms of be able to. MOST RELEVANT. refuse. reject.

I don't want her to wake up in a strange room and not be able to find us. And if so, would they be able to fit three people comfortably in the front seat? If you don't get some sleep when you go home, you won't be able to relieve me tonight. I want to be able … be able to do something. be able to do something a) CAN. to have the skill, strength, knowledge etc needed to do something I’ve always wanted to be able to speak Japanese.
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Change your default dictionary to American English. be able to (do something) in (one's) sleep. be able to count (someone or something) on one hand. be able to count (someone or something) on the fingers of one hand. be able to count on one hand.

Furthermore, polarized sunglasses are  that students are able to: 2.1 tackle written and oral texts in most general and selected work-related areas, comprehending their direct and indirect meaning.
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have to make sure that the peer review mechanism is safeguarded. English If we all learn to exercise peer pressure, meaning will be able to achieve results.

It means the same thing as can. So let's look at these examples again. 'Can' and ' be able to' are both possible here and they mean the same thing. '  13 Apr 2015 He's been able to swim since he was two years old.